Speakers Confirmed for 13th October 2012

Speakers:  Rita Rhodes  Doctor of Philosophy Subject of thesis: The Internatioonal Co-operative Alliance during War and Peace 1910-1950 Books: The International Co-operative Alliance during War … Read more

Welcome to R-CoMuse

R-CoMuse is a network of scholars and activists interested in developing research into all forms of social enterprise inspired by a concern with community and … Read more

13 October 2012 – Seminar

  3rd R-CoMuse Seminar ‘Celebrating the Reach of Co-operatives (in space and time!)’   Saturday 13th October 2012, 2- 4.30 pm. (Preceded by business meeting … Read more

Distributing Time and Space

R- CoMuse Kent Law School BA FUNDED METHODS WORKSHOP: DISTRIBUTING TIME AND SPACE. Monday, 7th Nov. 2011. 10.30am, 11.15am-to 5.00pm. The deployment of co-operatives and … Read more