How to make a happy school

For children’s mental health week, the School of Psychology helped Kent school children create their own happiness research projects! Pictured above is Hugo Bowles, a … Read more

CORE-FP training workshop

Do you work with adults who have set fires? Want to know more about evidence-based assessment and treatment?  This online workshop offers training on best … Read more

Strike Support

We want to reassure you that the university is still open, and alongside various Divisional and University events, there is support available from SLAS to … Read more

Snog, Marry, Avoid

Arnaud Wiseman’s recent study is among the first to look at men’s mating preference in the context of sexual arousal. Dr Arnaud Wiseman has collaborated … Read more

The research that went viral!

Jocelyn Chalmers, PhD candidate and associate lecturer, recently published an article about libertarianism and abortion which really took off on social media. Both abortion and … Read more