Student profile: Mollie Ruler

Mollie Ruler is currently in her final year of a BSc Psychology with forensic psychology degree and is a recipient of a sports scholarship with the University of Kent. We asked her what her favourite things are about studying at Kent.

What made you choose Psychology at Kent?

Throughout secondary school, I always wanted to do a degree in Mathematics. I was always the top of my school in the subject and, being obsessed with the idea of earning the most money as possible, I thought a Maths degree was my best bet. However, after studying psychology at  A-level, I realised that it was understanding the human condition which I was truly passionate about. After finding my passion, the importance of money become much less important to me. Suffering with my mental health throughout childhood and into adolescence resulted in the development of an understanding as to the reciprocal relationship between behaviour and internal mental processes. From my personal experience I was very aware of the consequences for this relationship, and therefore an individual, when either aspect becomes maladaptive. Hungry to learn more, and to help others in the way that I had been helped, I started looking at Psychology degrees.

I had always loved Canterbury as a city and after visiting the UKC, I fell in love with the campus and especially the gym. I decided to apply to Kent and never looked back – in fact, I now plan to complete my Masters degree and PhD here too!

Can you recall one of your favourite memories from Kent?

My favourite memory here at Kent is the first time I visited a lecturer in their office hours. I remember being so nervous going to see the Head of School, Professor Robbie Sutton, to discuss my options for post-graduate study.

I realised in this meeting, how hard the academic staff here work and how much they care about the students but also how down to earth they are!

I also felt lucky to have access and the opportunity to learn from such experienced professionals. I felt both inspired and supported, it was nice to know that if I ever needed any help that their doors would be open – in their office hours of course!

How do you make the most out of campus facilities? 

As much as I absolutely adore the library and the facilities provided by the School of Psychology, my favourite place is the campus gym.

I have recently been awarded a sports scholarship for my achievements in Olympic weightlifting. For a weightlifter, Kent Sport is phenomenal.

The equipment and bars are of the highest quality on offer. In fact, I would argue that Kent Sport is one of the best gyms for weightlifters in the whole of Kent.

What does a typical day look like for you? 

A typical day for me definitely involves a visit to the campus gym, or to my local Olympic weightlifting club, this keeps me sane and helps me to cope with the pressures of my degree. Aside from this, I will be attending a lecture or seminar and making a trip to the library or one of the study spaces in Keynes. I will do my absolute best to pass the campus Coop on my way, just so I have an excuse to go in!

What is one piece of advice you would give to your first year self?

I would encourage first year me to make contact with my lecturers as soon as possible and not to be so intimidated!

The sports scholarship includes a premium plus membership to the campus gym, supervised training sessions, physiotherapy and rehabilitation programmes and up to £2,000 per year!