Podcast: Aleksandra Cichocka interview – Individual and Collective Narcissism

Professor Cichocka, political psychology lab lead at University of Kent, discusses her current research interests and background. Narcissism research is discussed in great detail so you won’t want to miss this one!

Professor Aleksandra Cichocka’s research areas vary from the topics usually associated with a political psychologist; research on individual narcissim, collective narcissism, conspiracies and more!

“When it comes to collective narcissism we have some evidence that it can develop as a sort of response to frustrated personal needs”

She discusses these ideas on The Conflict Tipping Podcast. Hosted by Laura May PhD, the podcast focuses on innovative strategies for responding to social conflict. Episodes bring in guests with expertise in all facets of conflict, from organizational behavior, emotions, technology, media, public and private social responsibility, and political polarization.

Listen here.

Episode 8: Professor Aleksandra Cichocka, Professor of Political Psychology at the University of Kent