Ambassador Intern Insights: Chloe Anderson

Stipend Ambassador, Chloe Anderson, shares some insights into an Ambassador Scheme Support Internship that she recently finished

Who are you, and what are you studying? My name is Chloe, and I’m a second year undergraduate studying wildlife conservation

What attracted you to the Ambassador Scheme Support Intern opportunity? It was definitely being able to work with the team. Being an Ambassador for a year before and having this chance open to me, I was interested in knowing more of what happens behind the scenes, and getting a chance to interact with staff members. This is because I’ve never been able to gain experience working in this environment before. I also love working as an Ambassador and wanted the chance to be able to take it further.

What projects have you been working on in the internship so far? I’ve been working on a UKAT project, creating a project for year 8 students around medicine for conservation. This project helps the students in learning about the different areas of conservation, how it affects human health, climate change, and other areas. This project will also have a video  made for it to explaining conservation to years 8s.

What do you do on a typical intern day? On a typical day, I call Alex Martin-Carey when I come online, and she goes over what she wants me to do for the day. This can include research on what to include in our project, organising a focus group or helping to create the video being shown to the students doing the project. I regularly contact Alex throughout the day, to tell her what I am doing and to send over what I have already done. At the end, we then usually have an ending chat to discuss what was done through the day and what will be done the following week.

What have you enjoyed most so far? I’d say working with Ambassadors for the focus group as I have never had the chance to do anything like this before. I’d also say that creating the outline for the video was also enjoyable, as I was able to see the work that is done to plan for a video.

What are you gaining from being an Intern? I’d say work experience in being able to research things for work, and doing the focus group gave me experience in taking charge. In addition, working as an intern helps me be able to experience a working environment, which I’ve never really had the chance to do before.

What do you want to do in the future, and is the Internship helping you in any way with your goals / studies? In the future, I want to do conservation research, and work within the animals sector. This internship has helped me in the way of being more confident when reporting my work to people and doing the focus group has given me more confidence with discussing subjects in a group, which is important for those looking to work within social science.