Ambassador Intern Insights: Benjamin Harrold

Stipend Ambassador, Benjamin Harrold, shares some insights into the work he has been doing on the Ambassador Scheme Support Internship

Who are you, and what are you studying?
My name is Benjamin, and I am a first-year undergraduate studying History.

What attracted you to the Ambassador Scheme Support Intern opportunity?
There were multiple reasons why I was attracted to this Ambassador Scheme Support Intern opportunity. One of them is, of course, the hours on offer as there were a guaranteed three hours per week for at least six to ten weeks. Previously I was struggling for hours and this internship boosted my hours by a lot. The biggest appeal of this intern opportunity was that it allowed me to get more confident in  writing and development. As a humanities student, reading and writing are crucial, and this internship helped me further develop my skills.

What project have you been working on in the internship so far?
There have been multiple projects during my internship, I mostly focused on the newsletter and developing and improving different aspects of it. An example of this is seen through the introduction of recorded interviews, instead of written ones. I found recorded interviews more interactive with the viewer as opposed to the written interviews. However, the biggest project of my internship was setting up and recording of The Ambassador Podcast. This project is the most exciting one of these internships, as it allowed Ambassadors to learn more about the Outreach team. I have thoroughly enjoyed this myself.

What do you do on a typical intern day?
A typical day of this internship would be a Thursday morning, where we start the work opportunity with a quick 5–10-minute call. During that call, Shauna set out tasks for us to complete for those hours. Once the intern day was nearly complete, we would come back to a call and just conclude what we were able to achieve during those three hours. Days do differ, as at the start of this internship we were mainly just suggesting ideas for the newsletter and café, whereas, near the end of the internship, we were completing tasks ahead of the release of the newsletter.

What have you enjoyed most so far?
I enjoyed suggesting ideas and then executing those ideas for the next newsletter. I enjoyed setting up work opportunities for other Ambassadors, as I know it will help them by getting another hour or two and increasing the inclusivity in the Ambassador newsletter.

What are you gaining from being an Intern?
During this newsletter and café internship, I have gained more confidence in talking to other people who are not on my course. This internship also made me realise how creative I am, as previously I had not been in a position where my creativeness was needed.

What do you want to do in the future, and is the Internship helping you in any way with your goals/studies?
In the future, I want to work within the history industry, specifically the museum and archive sectors. This internship has helped me be more creative in my thinking and become more innovative with the work already being done on this internship.