This is the homepage and blog of the theory of condensed matter physics research group of Sam Carr at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

Group leader:

  • Dr Sam Carr


PhD student:

  • Tyler Hewitt – Interaction induced topological phases in one-dimension

Current Undergraduate Masters Students

  • Kethan Reddy – Constructing topological insulators in 1D in all of the chiral universality classes
  • Vincenzo Fiorentino – Quantum Carpets of a Single Particle Confined in a 1D Tight-Binding Chain



Former PhD student:


  • Gonzalo Camacho – Towards some exact results in the interacting resonant level model

Former Research Masters student:


  • Tyler Hewitt – A numerical study of phase transitions in dimerized spin-ladder models

Former Project Students:


  • Charlie Ruggles – Mean-field treatments of d>2 classical O(S)xO(M) nonlinear sigma models
  • Liam Bussey – Simulations of the Kitaev-Heisenberg Model Using a Single Hexagonal Lattice


  • Gabriel D’Alessandro – A computational Study of Quantum Spin Systems
  • Mitchell Kelock – Interacting Resonant Level Model – a critical analysis


  • Josie Austen – On the local density of states in the Aubry-Andre model
  • Cuthbert Finch – From Landau-Zener to optimal control of a two-level system
  • Alex Scorer – Surprises in the time evolution of a particle in a box


  • Jack Webb – Phase Transitions of the Kitaev-Heisenberg Model
  • Jamie Watt – An examination of the phase transitions of Classical Ferromagnetic Heisenberg Model with Uniaxial Anisotropy
  • Tyler Hewitt – Quantum Spin-1/2 Antiferromagnets in 1D: An analysis of spin gap


  • Sinead Rowe – Dynamics of Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium