Thanks for dropping by the NATS SharePoint migration project page. 

We will use this page to post updates about the project along with key dates, instructions and links so that we don’t bombard you with emails. 

What is happening?

Microsoft’s retirement of SharePoint 2013 and the University’s implementation of the cloud-based MS 365 platform means that now we have the opportunity to use a new version of SharePoint. The good news is that we can build the new site to reflect our Divisional structure, the platform integrates with other MS 365 applications and we can easily migrate the content from our old sites to the new sites.

How will this affect you?

During July we moved content from the old sites to the new sites. If you try to find something on the new site and cannot, please do not worry, just contact us and we will look into it. Next up we need to check for broken links and tidy things up before starting to build the new site content as a Divisional Intranet.

Please also note that the changes affect anything held in your ‘mysite’ areas, so let us know if you have content in mysite which you need migrating. Check the list to see what sites have been migrated.


Please do contact Leila with any questions.


Thank you for your patience as we build and develop our Divisional intranet.