Going Underground

“There are to be seen … near this town … sundry artificial caves or holes in the earth, whereof some have ten, some fifteen and … Read more


We imagine the Kent of some of these creatures would have been rather different than the county you are standing in today!    Scientifically, it … Read more

Kentish Krap Kintsugi

wabi-sabi – Finding beauty in the flawed or imperfect Sadie Hennessy’s Kentish Krap Kintsugi illustrates the Japanese art of Kintsugi, the act of mending by … Read more

Oigawa River Crossing

‘Its waters gush with the speed and power of an arrow…If they lose their passenger, they lose their lives.’ Not much is known about this … Read more

Denys Eyre Bower (1905-1977)

‘I regret to say that we spurned this kindness and continued to brandish the Japanese “real swords”’ Bower started collecting Japanese goods long after it … Read more

My Journey (旅の絵本)

‘I wandered from town to town, country to country and sometimes my journey was hard, but it is at just such times that the reward … Read more


Rising up, carried by the wind, day and night, the balloon is a happy nomad, travelling across the landscape, before it meets up with its … Read more

Hooden Horse

‘I’d much rather be in the White Horse in Sittingbourne with the East Kent Hoodeners’ Sadie Hennessy’s Hooden Horse explores the Kentish folk tradition of … Read more

Kent’s Barr Chart

Paris, Berlin, Moscow… These vital Metropolitan centres recur on New York curator Alfred Barr’s well-known diagram demonstrating the seemingly inevitable development of Modern Art towards … Read more