Welcome to the blog for Law and the Humanities at Kent Law School, University of Kent!

Kent Law School now offers an LLM specialisation in Law and the Humanities, providing the opportunity for students from around the world the chance to study this exciting and important field at the masters level, whether their background is in law, the humanities, or another related discipline.

The two central modules are LW927 and LW928, with the titles “Law and the Humanities 1: Ethos and Scholarship”, and “Law and the Humanities 2: Current Issues”. Both modules are taught in an innovative intensive 1-week format, at the University of Kent’s Paris centre.

Fundamentally interdisciplinary in nature, law and the humanities offers distinct methodologies and subject matter for thinking about law. How did law help to shape what came to be known as “the humanities”? What do the present-day humanities disciplines have to offer for a critical understanding of law? Is law still a “textual tradition”? How can we return the problems of justice and ethics to discussions about law?

This blog serves as the home for discussion related to the Kent modules in Law and the Humanities, but we hope that it will become a wider forum for debate. Everyone is welcome to post their thoughts or comments, and we hope you will find here the basis for new reflections on law in contemporary life.