Training opportunities available

We have a number of upcoming training opportunities

Mental Health Training for Line Managers – The aim of the workshop is to enable and encourage managers to develop a management style that strikes the right balance between the needs of the individual/team and the needs of the business.

We have a bookable session on Staff Connect, running on the following date:

Thursday 25th March, 9.30-12.30


Crucial ConversationsBetter understand what makes a conversation ‘crucial’, and turn your crucial conversations into action and results

June Programme (all sessions 2pm-4pm):

• Session 1: 15th June

• Session 2: 17th June

• Session 3: 22nd June

• Session 4: 24th June

• Session 5: 29th June


July/August Programme (all sessions 10am-noon)

• Session 1: 20th July

• Session 2: 22nd July

• Session 3: 27th July

• Session 4: 29th July

• Session 5: 3rd August

Registration is Via Staff Connect.