Working From Home? Time to think about self development.

During this uncertain time, it can be a good opportunity to look for some self/career development for you. Apprenticeships are for everyone, of any age, in any job role/position. Loretta Izod is University of Kent, Employee Apprenticeship Manager and is ready to arrange a skype call with you to discuss your career/self-development.

We currently find ourselves in a new way of working, and it is unclear for how long. It can be a good time to explore self-development opportunities and the University of Kent is committed to supporting new and existing employees through Apprenticeship standards. Apprenticeships are for everyone regardless of age, gender or job level.

An Apprenticeship programme combines work, training, and studying so you can ‘earn while you learn’. Whilst the UK is adhering to social distancing, the contact initially that the training provider will offer are online resources and virtual meetings. The introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in April 2017, gives employers, such as the University of Kent, the opportunity to develop their workforce using Apprenticeships which are fully funded by the levy. There is a range of standards to support occupation from entry-level, middle management to senior leadership. In most cases, the final assessment of the Apprenticeship is carried out by the professional for that occupation and can lead to professional membership.

This means the levy pays for 100% of your Apprenticeship training, with no cost to you or your department.

There is a huge range of occupations covered. Currently, there are just over 700 standards being developed or already approved.

Would you like a one to one to discuss with Loretta to explore your options? Email Loretta:, to arrange a phone call or skype meeting.