National Apprenticeship Week: Meet our mentors

Tell us a little about yourself:

Christopher Monteiroi-Sharratt – Head of Operations and Facilities Kent Sport.

I have been working here since 2018, however, I studied here 2012-2015 and worked at Kent Sport whilst I studied. It was this experience that made me want to return here to work.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship, and how is Kayleigh benefiting?

I found out about the specific apprenticeships through the staff members themselves, who have to put in an application to the management team to request support in the application going further to Loretta and the team.

My initial thoughts were around the amount of time that could end up being lost from the workforce and at the same time finding a balance to support the staff. I am a big supporter of continued development.

Both apprentices are benefitting through the large amount of information they acquiring and the understanding they are gaining related to their areas. It has given both of them far greater levels of confidence.

As the apprentices develop through the program the insights that they are then able to apply to their day to day job has created new opportunities for the business to grow, in addition to increasing efficiency and effectiveness in bringing the standard of the work higher.

What are the positives?

  • Increased knowledge within the department
  • Confident and inspired staff
  • Development of staff
  • Support succession planning

Would you recommend to others?

I would recommend the Apprenticeships.


Loretta Izod is your Employee Apprenticeship Manager
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Loretta specialises in supporting employees who want to understand how their careers can benefit from undertaking an Apprenticeship.
Use the contact details to get in touch with Loretta to arrange one to one advice, or set up a team meeting for further information and discussion.