National Apprenticeship Week: Meet our mentors!

Georgina works as an assistant manager in Kent Hospitality, and is currently supporting Kayleigh through her Painting and Decorating Level 2 apprenticeship.

Georgina Nimmo – Kent Hospitality

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am Georgina Nimmo. I work for Kent Hospitality as an Assistant Manager, a position held for almost 7 years.

My role is to ensure University buildings within our jurisdiction are clean and well maintained. The types of building and service range from academic spaces and College accommodation to public facilities such as the Sport Centre and Gulbenkian. During the summer we operate a busy conference service within the student accommodation facilities, including hotel-style accommodation.

My remit is to ensure that the buildings are kept in good working order and therefore to arrange any minor maintenance which may be required through wear and tear. This can be done in-house or through other departments/ contractors.

How did you find out about the apprenticeship, and how is Kayleigh benefiting?

We initially had a meeting with Loretta as a department, so that she could share with us what opportunities were potentially available. Kay is doing so well on her apprenticeship. Her knowledge is really growing and it’s a pleasure to catch up with her and feel her enthusiasm shine through. Kay has been selected by her tutor for a technical competition which is a great reward for the hard work she is putting in. We are really proud of her development so far.

How is the team/department benefiting?

Kay is able to put her skills into practice in the work place. She applies health and safety practices as well as her technical learning. Kay has painted a variety of areas and if she comes across something she is unsure how to tackle, she asks her tutor for advice and then applies the knowledge.

What are the positives?

The enjoyment of seeing Kayleigh engaged with her work is really rewarding. She has really thrown herself into the apprenticeship even though some of the aspects are outside of her comfort zone.

Would you recommend to others?

I would recommend the Apprenticeships.


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