Introduction to HE – 14 February 2020

Half day training workshop

This short workshop taking place on the 14th February, guides you through the fundamentals of working in the higher education sector and here at Kent. It will cover the higher education operating model including an overview of funding, governance and responsibilities. It also jargon-busts acronyms and terms such as the TEF, the REF and NSS and ensures understanding of the different categories of students and staff who make up the full community here at Kent.

The objectives of the Introduction to HE session are:

  • have a clearer understanding of the HE sector in general and some of the history of Kent
  • know the role of the funding bodies and our basic financial operating model
  • be clear on the types of students and modes of study
  • be familiar with the University community and their different roles and responsibilities
  • know where Kent stands in the UK and global rankings

This session is aimed at staff who are new to the higher education sector or those from a Professional Services area wishing to understand more about the HE environment.

Please book your place through Staff Connect.