Pre-Retirement and Mid-Career workshops

Full day, half day, or bite size

Planned Future are returning this academic year to facilitate further Pre-Retirement and Mid-Career sessions for all staff who want to plan ahead.


The suggestion for the Pre-Retirement session is for staff who are aged 50+, but all staff are welcome.

We have three Pre-Retirement sessions available. One full day workshop and two bite size sessions.

The objectives of the full day workshop are:

  • How to approach retirement and the change in lifestyle that it will bring
  • Have a better knowledge of managing the financial side of retirement
  • Have had the opportunity to network with colleagues who are also looking ahead

The bite size sessions only cover the financial side.

We have one full day session on Tuesday the 19th of May 2020. The bite size sessions are on Monday the 20th of January 2020, at the Medway campus and Tuesday the 7th of July, at Canterbury. As always, all staff are welcome to attend at either site.


We have one bookable, two and a half hour, Mid-Career session on Tuesday the 19th of May.

The objectives of the Mid-Career session are:

  • Learn how to manage your finances
  • Understand how to protect your family financially
  • Consider the options for saving and investment
  • Learn how to top-up your pension
  • Identify the personal and financial actions which will make the most of your finances
  • Start the process of planning towards a successful retirement.

Please book your place for any of the workshops, through Staff Connect.