Understanding the Academic Career Map (ACM)

Dark blue box with white text saying Recognising Excellence in Academia and gold text saying Academia Career Map and Promotions
  "ACM" by Ali Whelan.

The Academic Career Map (ACM) and revised Academic Promotion Policy are now live and will be used in this year’s academic promotion round.

The Academic career map (ACM) is a framework created at Kent to set out relevant expectations, support development and recognise achievements at each academic career stage. It was developed in partnership with academic and academic-related colleagues and went through a detailed consultation process as part of the Recognising Excellence in Academia (REiA) project, before being launched in May 2019.

The launch events included several information sessions, which were attended by approximately 250 staff in total, however, if you were unable to attend the previous information sessions, we have created a number of narrated presentation videos, which provide an overview of the ACM and explain how it will work in the context of promotion.

These videos are available below but also on the HR academic promotion webpages.





A full written introductory guide to the ACM is also available on the ACM webpages found by clicking here.

If you have any further queries regarding this please contact Naa Pinkcombe;  N.A.Pinkcombe@kent.ac.uk