How do I book development activities?

You may be looking to book onto development activities and are not sure how to do this. This blog aims to help you understand how to do just that.

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Staff Connect Training


During the academic year 2018/19, the Learning and Organisational Development (L&OD) team started using Staff Connect for staff to view and book onto development activities. In 2019/20 we are extending use of this and changing our approach to the way we offer some of our activities by introducing the concept of WAITING LISTS.

This means that staff can access Staff Connect, search for the activity topics they require and review the available course titles for 2019/20. Some of the courses will have planned dates outlined and staff will be able to use our booking system in Staff Connect to request a place. However, many of our courses will NOT show dates and where this is the case, staff interested in the activity are asked to add themselves to our new WAITING LIST function. Once on a waiting list, you will be sent an email notifying you when dates become available, so you can then book on to a date if suitable for you.

To aid staff in using our Staff Connect training system, we have produced a number of short explainer videos to outline;

Mustard colour screen with animated male character and a written white heading of Searching and viewing devlopment activities in Staff Connect

This short video above (1m:50s) will help you understand how to access Staff Connect and search for the topics of development you are interested in and see what the University of Kent L&OD team currently offer in that subject area. You will need to view the second video (below) to learn more about how to actually make a booking and/or add yourself to a waiting list.

Mustard colour screen with animated male character and white wording saying how do i book on an L&OD activity in Staff Connect

This short video above (2m:41s) takes you through how to book on an available course displaying dates, or alternatively how to place yourself on a waiting list for an activity where no defined dates are outlined. Once on a waiting list, you will be sent an email notifying you when dates become available, and you will need to notify us if the date is suitable so we can book and confirm your space.

Providing suitable development opportunities for staff remains hugely important for the organisation, whether these are role related activities for individuals identified as part of appraisals (RPD’s), development activities to support talent management and succession planning or activities relevant to support the ongoing Organising for Success project. In a period of change for the organisation, it is important that we can provide a flexible and agile development offer, which meets the needs of the organisation and the staff working within its community. The purpose of having waiting lists for certain activities, rather than scheduled dates, means that the L&OD team can focus their resources (time, budget and people) on the topics and activities identified by our workforce and the organisation as being most needed at any given time.

If you need any further assistance with searching for or booking courses, please don’t hesitate to contact