Launch of Kent Employee Apprenticeship Network

For 19/20 we are pleased to announce that we have launched the Kent Employee Apprenticeship Network

The aims of this network are to:-

  • Support those undertaking an Apprenticeship
  • Provide support to anyone who is mentoring or line managing an Apprentice
  • Promote and raise the profile of Apprenticeships
  • Celebrate achievement of Apprentices
  • Identify ways to increase knowledge of Apprenticeships – i.e. use of internal and external speakers

Who should attend

  • Any Kent employee undertaking an Apprenticeship
  • Anyone who is supporting/mentoring an Apprentice
  • Line managers of an Apprentice for existing employees and new Apprentices to Kent.

Details of events which will be termly for 2 hours

  • Launch event – Thursday 19 September 1pm – 3pm
  • Wednesday 5 February 10am – 12 – during National Apprenticeship Week
  • Wednesday 24 June – 10am – 12

Please reserve your place by booking through staff connect –

Click here for staff connect


Loretta Izod is your Employee Apprenticeship Manager

T: 01227 8 16568 E:


Loretta specialises in supporting employees who want to understand how their careers can benefit from undertaking an Apprenticeship.

Use the contact details to get in touch with Loretta to arrange one to one advice, or set up a team meeting for further information and discussion.

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