New Digital Accessibility Training

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All staff who develop, write or prepare digital content of any type need to be aware of the new regulations for accessibility. This online module will provide the advice and guidance needed.

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 Digital Accessibility Online Training


Digital Accessibility is more than simply putting things online. It relates to making your digital content and designs clear and simple enough so that most people can use them without needing to adapt them, whilst supporting those who do need adaptations to easily and effectively access these. For example, someone with impaired vision might use a screen reader (software that lets a user navigate a website and ‘read out’ the content), braille display or screen magnifier or someone with motor difficulties might use a special mouse, speech recognition software or non-screen keyboard emulator.

In light of the Public Sector Bodies (Websites and Mobile Applications) Accessibility Regulations (2018) we have partnered with Kent Connects to create a consistently high accessibility baseline for public sector organisations in Kent, whilst reducing workloads of the individual organisations and avoiding duplication of effort by collaborating on this new online training which provides the advice and guidance required.

To undertake the training please visit our new Staff Training Moodle site by clicking this link and search for digital accessibility, you will then be able to enrol on the externally provided course.

This e-Learning course will be beneficial for any staff members who create digital content and serves as a great introduction, which fits in well with the excellent work schools and departments have already been doing through Kent Inclusive practices and the use of BlackBoard Ally as part of OPERA (Opportunity, productivity, Engagement, Reducing barriers, Achievement)