Reflect Plan Develop

It’s a Two Step Process!

Reflect, Plan, Develop (RPD) is a versatile appraisal framework supported by guidance documents, forms and information that you can use flexibly to shape conversations about work priorities, to set objectives and discuss career development at the University. The focus of RPD is on the conversations between a reviewee and reviewer (usually the Line Manager, unless for Academic roles) and about connecting your role with the University’s vision, department/school objectives and identifying individual development opportunities.

Within the RPD intranet page you can find help and support on how to prepare and hold RPD discussions, how to record and store your discussions, as well as a list of frequently asked questions to help you during your discussions.

Recording the discussion within Staff connect is a Two Step process

Step One – Complete your RPD discussion and Reviewer to add the date of the discussion into Staff Connect .
Further guidance on how to complete this can be found in the RPD Intranet site:

Step Two – One the RPD discussion is complete Reviewee to Authorise within Staff Connect.
Further Guidance on how to complete can be found on the RPD intranet site.

Reporting on RPD completion
For 2018/19 the RPD year will run 17 Sept 2018 – 15 Sept 2019 after these dates completion rates will be reviewed within Staff Connect.

Further Support
If you require any further support in the RPD process please contact and we will be happy to help.