East Kent Apprenticeship Awards – University of Kent Finalist

National Apprenticeship Week 4-8 March 2019

As part of the 12th National Apprenticeship Week, the East Kent Apprenticeship Awards were launched, with a celebration event at the Yarrow Hotel on Thursday 7th March.

National Apprenticeship Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate the success that Apprenticeships can give to individuals and businesses.  Apprenticeships are not new, but in recent years the landscape has been rewritten with the introduction of the new standards, as well as changing the way they are funded, as large employers like the University of Kent are now paying a monthly Apprenticeship Levy. This means as a levy employer we are now offering Apprenticeships as an additional route for self and career development, as well as recruiting new employees to the workplace as an Apprentice.

I am your Employee Apprenticeship Manager at Kent and over the past year, I have been working with schools and centres to promote the levy funding to existing employees within any occupation. Everyone regardless of age, work experience or job level has the opportunity of undertaking an Apprenticeship.  I have been meeting with staff, managers and senior leaders to ensure they have the right information, that this development route is 100% funded as well as showcasing the huge range of occupations and job roles that can be supported by Apprenticeships.

Last night I was a finalist at the inaugural East Kent Apprenticeship Awards as my peers and colleagues from the HR Learning and Organisational Development Team, had nominated me for the East Kent Apprenticeship Champion of the Year award.

I am very proud to be nominated and to be selected as finalist with an invitation to attend the awards evening and in particular, to celebrate the success of Apprenticeships.  It showcased how anyone can undertake, or support a colleague, through an Apprenticeship, and the that University of Kent is developing its existing staff and new employees through Apprenticeships programmes.

If you would you like to know more about Apprenticeships please contact me: Loretta Izod, your Employee Apprenticeship Manager

Ext 16568 or email – L.J.Izod@kent.ac.uk or Click here to visit the Kent Apprenticeships web page

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