Apprentices Recruited to Kent – meet Emma

Meet Emma who is an Estates Administrator in the Estates Department. Emma joined the University in July 2017 as an Apprentice to undertake the Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship.

Loretta Izod, Employee Apprenticeship Manager at Kent, asked Emma to talk about her experience of being an Apprentice, and how it supports career and self-development.

How did your career pathway bring you to the University of Kent, what is your position here and how long have you worked here?

I started my career in New Look working my way up to Supervisor, but I wanted to be doing a bit more with my life, and be in a working environment that would allow me to grow and develop further.

I have been working at the University of Kent for 1 ½ years, and my current position is Estates Administrator.

Which Apprenticeship are you undertaking, and who is the training provider supporting you?

In December 2018 I completed all the work required for the Business and Administration Apprenticeship, and my portfolio is currently going through the verification and quality assurance process.  Once this is complete, I will receive my Business Administration qualification and my certificate of apprenticeship.

Canterbury College have been supporting me throughout the programme.

Can you explain how your Apprenticeship works e.g. what sort of training have you had to do?  Who was your mentor?

I attended college once a month for ½ a day, but also had allocated time during my working day to complete work based assignments.  As part of the apprenticeship, I was given 20% of my working time to complete my apprenticeship work.  I also spent time shadowing other members of team, and asking for feedback on work I had undertaken e.g. minute taking.

My mentor was my line manager/training officer.

What aspects of an Apprenticeship first caught your attention?

The main aspect that caught my attention was the fact that I could learn and work, and of course get paid!

How did you find the relevant information you needed to decide if an apprenticeship was right for you?

I found everything on the Kent website when I applied.  The job application included everything I needed to know and what the Apprenticeship entailed.

Emma’s final thoughts….

Emma’s apprenticeship was on a fixed term contract initially without the guarantee of a permanent position with the University at the end.  During 2018, a position became available that Emma applied for, and was successful.  Emma was offered the new position of Estates Administrator with the agreement that she would complete her Apprenticeship.

Emma’s experience of being an Apprentice has been very positive, enabling her to gain the skills and knowledge to apply and secure a permanent position with the University.

If you would you like to know more about Apprenticeship and undertake one like Emma, please contact Loretta Izod, your Employee Apprenticeship Manager

Ext 16568 or email – or Click here to visit the Kent Apprenticeships web page

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