What’s new in Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Training?

From Monday February 25th 2019 The Learning and Organisational Development Team (L&OD) will be offering new EDI training. Over the last few months the L&OD team in conjunction with Student Support have been working to update and introduce new training for everyone. During 2019 further work will be completed to create and implement additional new training for mental health awareness for all staff and update the Transgender awareness training which will complete the new suite of EDI eLearning.

As a member of staff currently there are a number of different mandatory training modules to complete. These are specifically designed to raise awareness of EDI issues, and to inform you about your rights and responsibilities in the workplace. This eLearning will help you to understand the principles of EDI. All training completed is recorded within the Staff Connect system on your personal profile.

The following Modules are available for all staff to complete:

• Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (HE) – (NEW eLearning – 3 year refresher)
• Unconscious Bias Awareness – (NEW eLearning – 3 year refresher)
• Transgender Awareness – (eLearning- 3 year refresher)

For student facing roles there are also the following additional EDI modules to complete:

• Student Mental Health (NEW- eLearning)
• Inclusive learning and teaching strategies –eLearning

In addition the following training has been designed to build your knowledge even further and are available for all staff:

• Unconscious Bias and the impact of your decisions (bespoke sessions for individual schools/departments) (NEW – Classroom)
• Unconscious Bias Training for Panel members – (NEW Classroom)
• Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Inclusion – (NEW Classroom)
• Equality Impact Analysis – eLearning

To access the training:


• go to the EDI homepage at www.kent.ac.uk/hr-equalityanddiversity/
• Click on the EDI training link and click on the e-learning modules link.
• This page introduces the eLearning modules :

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (HE) – (mandatory all)
  • Unconscious Bias Awareness – (mandatory all)
  • Transgender Awareness – (mandatory all)
  • Student Mental Health (mandatory student facing roles)
  • Equality Impact analysis – eLearning

Click ‘how to register/login’. Use your Kent IT account to log in (on left side)
Log onto the relevant module and access the content

To access the following eLearning click on the following links

  • Inclusive learning and teaching strategies – eLearning (mandatory for teaching staff)


To attend any of the classroom training stated, email – Learning and Development department ldev@kent.ac.uk or equalityanddiversity@kent.ac.uk where a member of the team can talk through the process and get you enrolled onto a session.