New Development Programmes

Pathways and Horizons

The Learning & Organisational Development Team are pleased to be able to offer two new development programmes from the start of 2019

Pathways (pilot)

Pathways will provide colleagues within Professional Services departments (who wish to progress their career within the University) the opportunity to increase their self-awareness, to learn and develop new skills and create knowledge, so that they can define their career pathways.

Programme aims & benefits

The programme aims to prepare individuals who wish to define their career aspirations by helping them to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand what they want from their career
  • Identify opportunities to assist in achieving their identified career pathway
  • Provide practical skills on CV writing, applying for roles and attending interviews

The programme will also bring benefit to the wider University by providing attendees greater connections from other areas, while also developing skill levels in a variety of roles across the institution.

Pathways will be a self-nominated programme, but it is expected that conversations have taken place with individual line management before applying.

For information on the programme and nomination process, plus session dates please see the L&OD website. Click here


Horizons is a new 3 x half day workshop programme aimed at ALL staff who have the potential to become future people managers within the organisation.

In order to get the best from the programme it is important that participants have the ability to think in a proactive and problem solving manner, considering the bigger picture, wider impacts and taking personal responsibility and accountability in situations.

Programme overview – for participants;

  • To identify the responsibilities and role of a manager to determine if this is the direction they wish to progress into
  • To review and discuss with colleagues what skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours need to be considered and engaged with to be an effective manager
  • To identify how to access the support and guidance available to further their understanding of management responsibilities
  • To undertake some practical activities to embed the learning from the programme and practise some of the skills required of a manager
  • To reflect on their current level of skills, knowledge, attributes and behaviours, with a view to determining a personal plan to develop the required management skills
  • Consider how they can develop, utilise and demonstrate these outlined requirements whilst not directly in a management role

Horizons is a management nominated programme. For information on the programme and nomination process, plus session dates, please see the L&OD website for more information. Click here

The closing date for nominations for both programmes is Friday 11th January 2019

Successful applicants will be notified on Wednesday 16th January 2019