Welcome to our first Digital Marketer Apprenticeship group

In June 2018, the School of Physical Sciences appointed their first Digital Marketer Apprentice. Pictured below is Katherine Moss, who is line managing, supporting and mentoring Amy through her Apprenticeship programme and training.

Over the summer more of Kent’s employees contacted Loretta, to start this Digital Marketer Apprenticeship.  Yesterday another 9, with 2 more starting in December and January, making a cohort of 12, are being enrolled to this Apprenticeship.  All are being supported by their managers and are ready to start their programme of learning and development, to support them in their current role and in some cases, their future career aspirations.

Monday 26 November was their first webinar, some of the group met so that they are work together, share their experiences and support each other as they progress through the Apprenticeship. A regular part of the Apprenticeship will be webinars along with masterclasses from their Learning Coach who will also give one to one support. Arch Apprenticeship (the training provider) also offer their virtual learning campus and regular online support, to develop them to achieve the Digital Marketer standard.

If you would like more information on Apprenticeships, as there is a huge range of topics and occupations that can support your skill and career development, with 100% of the Apprenticeship training funded by the levy, please contact your Employee Apprenticeship Manager, Loretta Izod on ext.16568, or email l.j.izod@kent.ac.uk. More information can be found on the HR Apprenticeship pages: click here