Foundations of Management: Update

Further to our recent blog, the nomination process for Foundations of Management is now underway. All Heads of Departments/Schools and key contacts in service areas have now been contacted and asked to collate and submit nominations for the programme.

Staff members: if you are interested in participating in the programme and have not yet put your name forward, please discuss this with your line manager as soon as possible, so if appropriate they can add your name to the nomination list for your department.

Line Managers: if you have not yet submitted the names of staff members who you feel would benefit from the programme to your Head of Department/Schools, please do so as soon as possible. It will be necessary to identify which cohort the staff member can attend and to ensure the dates are held in their diary until confirmation is provided as to whether they have a space.

The deadline for Departments/Schools to submit their prioritised nomination lists to L&OD is Monday 3rd September 2018 and all nominations must come via your relevant head of section (or their nominee) so they have an overview of who from their area is being put forward.

This programme is for staff who currently have line management responsibility. We will be offering workshops for Aspiring Managers, later in the next academic year.

Allocation process

Once all nominations have been received on 3rd September 2018, L&OD will review the nominations and allocate participants to cohorts.

Between 4th-7th September 2018 we will send out confirmation emails to successful participants, line managers and Heads of Department/School.

Full information related to the content of programme can be found by clicking this link

Dates for cohorts

Cohort 4
Workshop 1: Tuesday 13th November 2018
Workshop 2: Tuesday 11th December 2018
Workshop 3: Monday 7th January 2019
Workshop 4: Thursday 14th February 2019
Workshop 5: Monday 11th March 2019
Workshop 6: Monday 1st April 2019
Workshop 7: Wednesday 15th May 2019

Cohort 5
Workshop 1: Thursday 29th November 2018
Workshop 2: Tuesday 18th December 2018
Workshop 3: Wednesday 16th January 2019
Workshop 4: Thursday 28th February 2019
Workshop 5: Thursday 28th March 2019
Workshop 6: Wednesday 1st May 2019
Workshop 7: Monday 20th May 2019