Foundations of Management

We will soon be starting the process to allocate places on the next 2 cohorts of Foundations of Management running from November 2018. Places are allocated by a nomination process, so at this stage we would advise;

Staff members: if you are interested in participating in the programme, review the dates of the workshops and ensure you are able to commit to all the dates for one of the cohorts, then please discuss this with your line manager so if appropriate they can add your name to the nomination list for your department.

Line Managers: if you have staff members who you feel would benefit from the programme (or a staff member raises their interest with you) please discuss this with them.
• Review the dates and ensure that the staff member (if allocated a place) can attend all dates for one cohort and commit to the full programme.
• If it is an appropriate programme for them please pass their names to your head of department and/or lead administrator so they can be considered in the wider pool of nominees.
• Get the dates for the appropriate cohort set on hold in the staff members diary pending confirmation of a place.

This programme is for staff currently with a broad management remit. We will be offering workshops for Aspiring Managers, later in the next academic year.
It is also necessary that the nominee can commit to all the dates required for one of the cohorts.

Allocation process

Week commencing 06 August 2018 Heads of Department, relevant Staff Development contacts and key administrators will be sent an email starting the nomination process and outlining what is required. It is likely that each area will be given information related to the maximum number of places that they will be allocated on each cohort. The process will run as follows;

• 06 Aug – 31 Aug 2018 – Nominations to be collated within the departments and all potential nominees discussed and prioritised
• 03 Sept 2018 – Prioritised list of nominations to be sent to
• 04-07 Sept 2018 – Confirmation emails will be sent to successful participant, line manager and Head of Department

Full information related to the content of programme can be found by clicking this link

Dates for cohorts

Cohort 4
1. Tues 13 Nov
2. Tues 11 Dec
3. Mon 07 Jan
4. Thur 14 Feb
5. Mon 11 Mar
6. Mon 01 Apr
7. Wed 15 May

Cohort 5
1. Thur 29 Nov
2. Tue 18 Dec
3. Wed 16 Jan
4. Thu 28 Feb
5. Thur 28 Mar
6. Wed 01 May
7. Mon 20 May