Learning at Work Week

Learning at Work Week (LAWW) launches Monday!

We will be holding an informal drop-in launch session between 10:00 – 11:30 on Monday 14 May 2018 in IS Templeman DG 01 where you can come to learn more about all the activities taking place and network with colleagues.

For LAWW, Learning & Organisational Development (L&OD) have drawn together a variety of exciting activities to get involved with, both during the week ahead and over the coming months. Your opportunities to get involved are threefold;

Firstly, LAWW sees a programme of workshops kindly volunteered by staff members from across the University in a variety of subject areas they have a personal interest in. You can view details of these workshops and sign up via our activities calendar link here.

Our second opportunity is to access an interesting range of online e-learning resources which all staff can access throughout the week. Provided by the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) and a couple of other external providers these courses are available as part of LAWW for one week only from Monday 14 May through to Sunday 20th May 2018 and are accessible on our activities calendar you will see a sample selection of the topics available each day with details of how to access the full course list.

The third aspect to our week is to launch our ‘Kent Experiences’ opportunities. The experiences are a chance for you to sign up and see a side of the University you are not usually involved with. The theme of LAWW this year is ‘networked for learning’ and we would encourage you to review the opportunities available at both Medway and Canterbury campuses and get involved with an experience that adds a new dimension to your understanding and connections across the Organisation. We will be launching more information and detail of how to get involved in ‘Kent Experiences’ online and via communications to your schools and departments on Thursday 17 May 2018.

Should you be interested in getting more information related to anything detailed above please feel free to come along to our informal drop-in launch session between 10:00 – 11:30 on Monday 14 May in IS Templeman DG 01.

 We hope you all enjoy Learning at Work Week 2018.