Aurora Reflections at CCCU (Women’s Power Types lecture)

An invitation was received from Canterbury Christchurch University to invite all of the current and ex Aurora participants, to join their Aurora Reflection event that took place on Thursday 19 April.

The Aurora Reflections event: Introduction to Powerful Feminine Leadership was joined by a guest speaker Dr Jane Lewis. The event ran from 12.30pm until 14.00pm.

The guest speaker, Dr Jane Lewis outlined findings from recent research about alternative ways to operate from a more woman-friendly paradigm of resilience, without reducing our effectiveness and leadership strengths, and will share how she has applied these in her own coaching practice working with women leaders.  Jane also discussed why women are 4 times more likely to burn out than men and why when we step into superwoman mode it is simply not sustainable, particularly if we are also bringing up a family or have a caring role outside work.

In advance of the Reflections event, Jane invited those who attended, to take a quick profiling questionnaire to understand their preferred leadership style using a model which may seem unfamiliar, but is potentially profound. This profiling tool has been used now with some 3,000 women worldwide, and is proving extremely valuable for them in developing an effective, credible way of consciously leading from the feminine.

Seven members of the University of Kent attended the session and very positive feedback was received about the lecture and that they had an opportunity to take part in the Women’s Power Type test prior to the event. The topic itself created a lively and fruitful dialogue around the room among the participants.