Professor of Planning, Samer Bagaeen, contributes to Localis’ C19 Housing Recovery Essay Collection

Professor of Planning, and MA Urban Planning and Resilience programme director, Samer Bagaeen, has written an essay titled, ‘Our participatory future’ in response to the theme, ‘The role of housing in supporting the most vulnerable in society’ for the Localis essay collection titled, ‘Building for renewal: Kickstarting the C19 housing recovery‘.

The collection, “encompasses how housing policy and the planning system could be directed to promoting opportunity and prosperity, building sustainable communities as well as supporting lives and engaging with society during the recovery.” It also seeks to answer the question, “What measures can be put in place to create an environment conducive to growth, enabling the housebuilding industry to get back to work safely and deliver the Government’s target of one million new homes by 2025?”

Professor Samer Bagaeen writes, “These are interesting times: people keeping at least two metres form each other; a substantial number of schools closed; all public gatherings cancelled; the UK Government and those around the world putting together ever-increasing stimulus packages; landlords not collecting rent; the homeless being told to stay put in hotels free of charge; and workers furloughed on full pay in some cases.

In more than one city, in England, local authorities went on the hunt for innovative solutions to seek ideas from their residents about the path for a green future. This was before the increasingly louder and louder calls for a green future in the post COVID19 world began to take hold. With pollution in some cities halving on account of the lockdown – lower vehicle emissions as people ditch their car, attention has also shifted to the carbon emissions caused by our built environment and what can be done to reduce these.

As a forum for sharing ideas, citizens’ climate assemblies have gained traction in cities like Oxford and Brighton and Hove. These assemblies bring together a small number of residents (50 in the case of Brighton and Hove), randomly selected to reflect local demographics, alongside a panel of advisors to help shape how a city could address the climate crisis and prioritise actions to take forward.”

Read more, and download the full essay collection here.

Professor Samer Bagaeen discusses 5G on #PlanTalk

Professor of Planning, and MA Urban Planning and Resilience Programme Director, Samer Bagaeen, recently joined Peter Kemp from the Greater London Authority in a discussion titled, ‘5G – A Double Edged Sword?’.

#PlanTalk raises the questions, “How ready are we for this jump when some areas struggle even with 4G? How has Brighton performed as a hotbed for this technology? what technology is going to benefit? What are the planning implications for new masts? Do the social benefits for instance being able to plan for resilience outweigh the environmental impact? There are so many questions around this topic and the technologies linked to it such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and driver-less cars.”

Watch the full discussion on YouTube.

Dr Caputo and Professor Bagaeen discuss co-designing green infrastructure in Rio de Janeiro

Director of Research and Innovation, Dr Silvio Caputo, and Professor of Planning, Samer Bagaeen have co-written an article for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RISC) World Built Environment Forum titled, ‘Co-designing green infrastructure in the slums of Rio de Janeiro‘.

Dr Silvio and Professor Samer Bagaeen are currently working on a research project, which focuses on green infrastructure as a catalyst of improved health outcomes and food production. The research project is looking into alternatives to current industrial food systems which rely on carbon-intensive production and distribution methods. In May 2019, the duo ran a week-long workshop in Rio de Janeiro building on shared expertise in urban agriculture and urban resilience.

Read the full article on the RICS website to find out more.

Professor Samer Bagaeen discusses, ‘Covid-19: Is this the new normal?’

Kent School of Architecture and Planning’s Professor of Planning, Samer Bagaeen, recently discussed current global challenges, including Covid-19, in relation to urban planning and resilience as part of our new mini-lecture series which can be found on YouTube.

Professor Bagaeen, programme director for MA Urban Planning and Resilience, has also written an article titled, ‘Covid-19: Is this the new normal for the urbanised world?‘ for the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). In this piece, Professor Bagaeen discusses the growth of the pandemic and the impact this is having on the built environment and the economy.