Meet BA (Hons) Architecture student: Ethan Kitto

We caught up with Stage 3 BA (Hons) Architecture student, Ethan Kitto, to hear more about his time and experience at Kent:

What has been your favourite module so far, and why?

Building Design – The Art Gallery Project. I enjoyed this project as it was the final project of first year and entirely hand drawn. It was amazing to finish it and see how much I had learnt in a year!

What made you decide to study your course at University of Kent?

I chose to study at University of Kent due to the strong emphasis they have on hand-drawing and design aspect of architecture.

During the lockdown, how have you found studying your course?

Studying was very unusual at first due to the course being very ‘hands on’. However, it was possible to continue to projects and make progress with help from tutors able to draw and share ideas back and forth on Microsoft Teams.

Are you a part of any sports or societies? And if so, what’s been your experience? Would you recommend them to fellow/new students and why?

I have been part of University of Kent Swim for 3 years, and have been Media Officer on Committee and part of the team for 2 years. It has been one of the best experiences at university and would recommend it to anyone. Joining a society allows you to meet a number of different people of all ages across university. It is fantastic way to meet people who have similar interests as you and to make a lot of good friends.

During lockdown, have societies been hosting any socials you have loved? Have you discovered any online events worth sharing?

University of Kent Swim have hosted a number of themed quiz nights and themed socials on Zoom. They have been fun to keep in contact with everyone on the society and something to look forward to and get dressed up for!

What’s your favourite thing about the campus?

My favourite thing about the campus is that it is a proper university campus, separate from the city. This means you are constantly surrounded by students all the time and there is so much activity going on all the time

What’s your favourite thing about living in Canterbury?

My favourite thing about living in Canterbury is the size of the city. It is large enough to accommodate anything you would need but small enough that is it easy to walk everywhere.

What’s your favourite bar/café/restaurant in town or on campus?

My favourite bar in town is Cherry Tree. It is a small pub with great cocktails and drinks and just a great place to hang out with friends.

What would you recommend to a new first year student studying your course that would really help them?

I would recommend for them to work in the studio whenever possible when starting out. It is a great place to socialise and get to know other course mates (and there is more space to work than your uni room!).

What would you recommend a first year student moving to Kent try out?

I would recommend a first year student to attend the Fresher’s Fair and signup for as much stuff as possible. You don’t need to stick with them all, but you get to try out a number of new things that way

Are there any books / podcasts / film / online magazines that would be helpful for a new student, or fellow students, studying your course?

Books – Happy by Design by Ben Channon. It is a really easy read with a number of illustrations but full of helpful tips and information on do’s and don’ts in architecture.