Stage 1 Folio kicks off with pepper project in collaboration with Thanet Earth

This year’s new introductory project to our BA (Hons) Architecture course is The Pepper Project. This project introduced students to hand drawing and specifically observational drawing for both fine art and technical activities.

As part of the brief, students were first tasked with examining the peppers to understand its unique shape, focusing on tiny marks, unusual details, how it felt, how the light falls on it, where are the shadows. They were then asked to make an initial drawing of the pepper without looking at the paper or their drawing, and simply focussing the pepper. Following this, students were then asked to complete a further drawing both looking at the pepper, and at their drawing, using tone and shadow to describe its form. Next, the students were then asked to decide where to make two cuts to expose the sections and the plan of the pepper with an introductory lesson into orthographic drawing. Finally, the students were asked to inhabit the pepper, and re-imagine their pepper as the structure for a living environment.

A big thank you to Thanet Earth for supplying all the peppers for this year’s project.