Digital Architecture Open Lecture: Phil Radmall, PDP London

This week’s Digital Architecture Open Lecture will be given by Phil Radmall, entitled ‘Redesigning the past: Virtual Cathedrals: A Digital Reconstruction of a Vanished Monastery’ on Thursday 16th November at 6PM in Marlowe Lecture Theatre 1.

The dissolution of the monasteries in the late 1530s was one of the most revolutionary events in English history. King Henry VIII’s courtiers submitted a list of five Abbeys – including Waltham – thought worthy of a reprieve from dissolution, but Henry dismissed them all. Subsequently, Waltham Abbey was plundered and disassembled. All that remains today is the parish church.

What if Henry had said yes?

What would Waltham Abbey look like if, instead of destroying it, Henry VIII had agreed to turn the abbey into a Cathedral?

Phil Radmall proposes an alternate history.

Join Phil’s lecture to learn more about the history of Waltham and explore his alternative history. A counterfactual, in which Henry grants Waltham Abbey cathedral status.