Luciano Cardellicchio to speak at Thinking Through Making Week in Newcastle

Dr Luciano Cardellicchio has been invited to discuss with Dr Rachel Cruise from University of Sheffield the theme ‘Holistic Design Practice’ during the Thinking Through Making Week, organised by the University of Newcastle.

Luciano will talk about architects and designers who put the available labour’s skills of the local construction companies as a pivotal point of their design approaches. Discussing the work of Paolo Soleri, Aldo Favini and Alejandro Aravena, Luciano will critically reflect on the importance of including the availability of the local construction skills at the beginning of the design process in order to stimulate sustainable economic impacts.

Within the other activities of ‘Thinking through making’ Luciano will also run a workshop entitled: ‘Dis-Connect to Re-Combine’. The workshop focus on a teaching methodology which helps the architectural students to fill the gap between developing conceptual design and delivering construction drawings. The aim of this activity is to teach students how to read construction details from contemporary precedents, carrying out a proper building’s autopsy.

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