Book Chapter Published in Routledge Critiques series

Fontana-Giusti Korolija, Gordana (2015) ‘Transgression and Ekphrasis in Le Corbusier’s Journey to the East‘ in Transgression: Towards the Expanded Field in Architecture, edited by Louis Rice and David Littlefield, London: Routledge, pp57-75, ISBN 978-1-13-881892-7 and 978-1-13-881891-0

Transgression and ekphrasis in Le Corbusier’s Journey to the East explores some lesser known aspects of Charles Edouard Jeanneret’s early trip to the East focusing on the role of traditional arts and architecture that he encountered in the South-East of Europe. The experience, observation and thinking about these arts that subsequently influenced and determined his approach to art and architecture are being explored as a form of transgression and ekphrasis.

The Transgression book has been launched last week at the AHRA (Architecture Humanities Research Association) Annual Conference at the Newcastle University.