Architecture workshop: Container homes

Rebecca Hobbs ran a workshop today for students from local schools and colleges which saw students creating a holiday home using three shipping containers. The students started off the session with a game designed to test their memory and observation skills. A tray with 9 different objects was placed in front of them for 30 seconds and they had one minute to draw each item that they saw.


The students from St Anselms, Sittingbourne Community College and The Malling School were then introduced to plans and elevations. A selection of shipping containers being turned into living spaces were explored and Rebecca asked the students to imagine their favourite place. They were then tasked with designing a holiday home using 3 containers. The home could take any shape that the students wanted and they came up with various designs – some homes were built on three levels, some containers were used for swimming pools while others joined their containers together on one level to create a large open plan living space.