Useful advice on finding accommodation whilst studying in Paris


The prospect of studying abroad can be rather daunting, especially when you need to sort out your own accommodation. MAUD (MA Architecture and Urban Design) student Tamilore Oni gives some great hints and tips on how you can make this process easier.

I would advise you start looking early, don’t leave it too late the term before, it is best to be prepared. Airbnb is a very good option if you are booking from abroad as there is a good level of security, you are not paying directly to the owner but through the Airbnb platform. You can also make complaints if anything is amiss which is reassuring. There are at least three of us staying in Airbnb accommodation this term and we all have found that it has worked very well. I booked the room for one month and then told the owners I wanted to stay for longer once I had arrived and settled in. Also, it is worth making sure you have internet where you are staying and a washing machine would be great too, although there are quite a few laundry places around.

Other good websites to look on are:, seloger, paris expat (although this one is agency run and you will have to pay a fee upfront) and fusac. You can also set up alerts so that you can get to talk to the landlords immediately when a place comes up.

One thing to bear in mind is that if like me you are an overseas student, you will need to have already secured your visa in order to get accommodation in Paris, so it is best to be prepared early on.

For further information on what you can study in Paris, please visit the University of Kent at Paris website.