Library resources form an essential part of your learning. Textbooks are used in lectures, an app in your anatomy workshops and you will find links to Osmosis videos for pre-session activities. All of these resources will support your revision. There is a strong link between engagement with library resources and student sucesses (Nurse, Baker and Gambles, 2018). Therefore, it is important for students to be aware of the library resources available and to know how to use them.

Overview KMMS Library Resources

Here is a link an overview of all KMMS library resources available and how to access them. The resource are available either from the University of Kent or from Canterbury Christ Church. In order to access them, you have to type in the credentials of the respective university.

(Video on how to access resources at boht sides)


Reading lists

Each of your modules has a reading list that includes core books and background readings.  All of our reading lists are publically available, so you can search for “KMMS Reading list” in Google and you will find them. They are also available via the module page on KMMS Learn.  In each module there is section on “Reading List and Learning Resources”, where you will find the list.

Here is a short video with instructions on how to access and use a reading list. 


KMMS Library Search

KMMS LibrarySearch  allows you to search the KMMS library’s collection of books, journals and databases. You can search by keyword, or by specific titles, authors, and publications. KMMS LibrarySearch searches across the two universities and includes the holding of the Drill Hall Library at Medway.


You can watch a quick 4 minute video here which demonstrates how to use Library Search 

(Video needs to be recorded, access library search, features)





Nurse, R., Baker, K. and Gambles, A. (2018) 'Library resources, student success and the distance-learning university', Information and Learning Science, 119 (1–2), pp. 77–86. Available at: