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Nia - 3rd year Law graduate from Barbados

“I saw a video online about what does ‘critical’ mean and how you can see the world differently, and I was really inspired, so I chose Kent”.

“I really enjoyed the Law Clinic Module because I actually got to see how the law works in real life and help actual people”.

“I took on an immigration case and it was very difficult… the issues themselves are very difficult because it is a very sensitive topic….but it’s very rewarding when you see somebody who came from a war torn country that can come and get help here in the UK from a student” .

“I really like the fact that (Kent Law School) keeps rising in the ranks… and that lots of our academics are interested in social change and how to make society better”.

“If you are somebody who is intellectually curious, who thinks outside the box  and likes to give their opinions and appreciates having them challenged, I think Kent is the place for you”