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“I found Kent to be the most attentive university and very critical and non-traditional in terms of their approach to law”.

An image of Miu a first year LLB student from Thailand

“I’ve enjoyed the Critical Introduction to Law module the most…. You incorporate law with other subjects like sociology and psychology”.

“I joined the Study Plus programme in journalism…We actually made a radio, TV show and a newspaper. I got to learn from people in the field… to be on the other side you have to think differently and I learnt to alter my perspective”.

“I’ve joined four law societies and tried the pole fitness society, I’ve never done this before, it was amazing”.

“I love the fact that Kent is very international in their approach to Law and everyday life”.

“For law essays you have to be very succinct and very precise and use words with impact… I got help from the SLAS and got constructive criticism from them, they’re very professional”.