Christmas in Canterbury

An image of a roast TurkeyMost students have already returned to their home countries during winter break. But, some of you will stay here. During Christmas Canterbury is pretty quiet I would say, but that doesn’t mean you will have nothing to do. You can attend the Christmas ceremony in Canterbury Cathedral on 25th December which offers you a glimpse of the Christmas atmosphere, also try Christmas lunch or dinner in local restaurants.

Of course, what you can’t miss is shopping on Boxing Day when all the stores in the city centre offer sales. For New Year, you can attend the fireworks in London which is always packed. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Good luck and enjoy whatever you’re doing. It’s important to give yourself a little break from study during the university holidays. Take care everyone.

With best wishes Kunphatu

This post is by Kunphatu Sakwit