In-sessional English courses

insessionalIt has already been four weeks since the beginning of autumn term. How’s everything? I hope all is going great to you. Do you feel you can settle down in a new environment, new course, new class and new friends? For international students, English is not our first language, so we might feel unconfident when studying and discussing in a big class. Or, you might feel unsure about your writing, whether it is grammatically correct, or is it acceptable academic English. In-sessional English courses, which are free for everyone, can help.

You can choose different courses like writing, grammar, presentation and listening to improve your English skills. I used to study an in-sessional grammar course which was really useful and it made me aware of my frequent mistakes. For example, articles, a, and, the, always confused me because we don’t have articles in the Thai language. Most courses are once a week, and they offer a relaxing and supportive environment to study English. Why don’t you try one? Wish you all a productive reading week and please stay warm as I’ve heard we will have a big winter coming J

This post is by Kunphatu Sakwit

Editor’s note, you can learn more about the In-sessional English courses available at Kent on our website