International environment and atmosphere at the University of Kent

An image of the University of Kent Canterbury campus
Canterbury campus

When you make the decision to go abroad to study, city and country are important factors that you take into account. Why the UK? ┬áThe UK is able to offer a local (British) atmosphere as well as an international atmosphere. It can provide students with world-class education in a British environment. For master’s degrees, though it takes one year to study, master’s courses are intensive with both course work and writing a dissertation. Within one year not only do you obtain knowledge and academic skills, but also research skills.

Why the University of Kent? Our university has been recently ranked among the top 20 of good UK universities, and various courses have been ranked among the top 10. The university is situated in Canterbury where is a great place to live and study. You can experience the British way of life here and also enjoy international life. There are many international shops in the city centre including a Thai shop, Chinese shop, Romanian shop and Indian shop and many international restaurants. Canterbury is popular city for studying English courses, therefore there are many international students here. There are international societies/clubs in our university, and some university cafes serve international food. I would say the university and the city make international students feel home, safe, and welcomed.

This post is by Kunphatu Sakwit