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Want to know what the best online resources for your subject are? Where you can find them? and how you can get the most out of them?

Our subject librarians have created a series of Digital Library films introducing you to key library resources and providing tips and advice on how to get the most out of the Library, whatever your area of study.

For a brief introduction to your Digital Library, join Emma, one our super friendly librarians, who will introduce you to the wide range of resources we have to support your study and research:

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and for a more in depth look at what your Digital Library offers:

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Our Digital Library web pages provide you with links to all of our digital resources, as well as advice and support to help you find and access what you need.

We also have more in-depth online guides to help you search, find and access e-resources.

Help and support

The Divisional Library Liaison team can help you with literature searching, referencing, using LibrarySearch and digital resources. They also offer training sessions and individual consultations.

Check out your subject library resource guide for subject specific resources, library skills advice and news for your subject area.

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