We need your feedback: new tool to replace A-Z of e-resources

Landing page of the new digital resources directory, showing filters on the left and some resource records

You can now view and test the new digital resources directory and help us make it as good as it can be!

Over the past few months we have been working on a new tool to replace the A-Z of e-resources. It’s called the digital resources directory, and it is now live on the website so you can preview and test it:

What is it?

The digital resources directory will be a complete list of all the library databases we subscribe to, and some free Open Access resources that are highly recommended by our librarians.

Some of the databases have content that can’t be included in LibrarySearch. With many others, it’s can be a better experience to search the database web interface than to access the content through LibrarySearch.

You can filter the list by subject, by resource type, and by whether it’s Open Access, which we hope will be useful for visitors and alumni.

It isn’t complete yet: we have created the web interface, and we are now gradually adding all the resources, after creating a full description of each one. That means some resources you use regularly may not be included yet. There will be over 350 when we are finished.

Each resource will also link to the provider’s accessibility statement, and provide help with its use and other useful information.

We need your help

We want to make sure the new tool works for you. Please visit the new directory and fill in this very short feedback form. All comments, positive or negative, and all suggestions are welcome.

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