New Resource: Queer Pasts

New digital queer history project consisting of primary source document collections and curatorial essays

Queer Pasts word cloud

The Library now has access to a large collection of primary source document collections and curatorial essays. Every exhibit also includes a critical introductory essay that helps explain the significance of the primary sources in historical terms and in relationship to previous scholarship.

Queer Pasts  broadens the field of queer history by prioritising projects that focus on the experiences and perspectives of under-represented historical groups, including people of colour, trans people, and people with disabilities. It promotes and develops work that focuses on less-studied topics such as sexual governance, state violence, and carceral politics. The word “queer” is used in its broadest and most inclusive sense. Queer pasts embraces topics that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender and includes work on sexual and gender formations that are queer but not necessarily LGBT.

This resource will be of particular interest to students, teachers, and scholars of queer history.

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