Microsoft Teams breakout rooms for meetings and online teaching

MS Teams breakout rooms screen - with student avatars

Breakout rooms are now available to use in Microsoft Teams during meetings and online classes. Meeting organisers can separate participants into smaller working groups and then bring them back together as required.

Use breakout rooms to let students work together on peer-learning activities and brainstorming sessions.

To create breakout rooms:

  • use the Microsoft Teams desktop app
  • you must be the meeting organiser
  • the meeting needs to be stand-alone (not in a channel)

You can choose how many rooms you create and whether you automatically split people into rooms, or whether you set them up manually.

Once set up, each room acts as a separate ‘mini’ meeting and you, as the organiser can easily drop in and out of those meetings. You can choose when you want to close the breakout session and bring everyone back to the main meeting.

Breakout rooms can be used as often as needed during a session. 

More about using breakout rooms

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