Laptop loans available in the Templeman Library

For student use

Student taking laptop from cabinet

Couldn’t bring your laptop to campus today? Want to work in a part of the Library that doesn’t have PCs?

You can borrow a laptop for use in the Templeman Library for up to 4 hours (this is so the laptops always have optimal charge and can be shared fairly). There are 86 to borrow!

What to do

  1. Borrow it: from the self-service cabinet in the Café area (Ground floor, Block B and Floor 2, Block C).
  2. Use it (for up to 4 hours): the laptop works with wired and Bluetooth headphones.
  3. Save it: save your files to your University OneDrive so you can access them anywhere.
  4. Report it: if there’s a problem, please take it to the IT & Library Support Desk so we can sort it out.
  5. Return it: at the end of the loan period, take it back to the cabinet and plug it in.

What’s included

  • All Office 365 tools
  • Internet access and webcam
  • Accessibility apps
  • Citation tools

What’s not provided

  • Course specific software
  • Charger
  • Other peripherals (e.g. mouse)
  • Speakers (they’re disabled)

The small print

  • The laptops can’t be taken out of the Library.
  • If you don’t return the laptop at the end of the loan period, there won’t be a fine – but you can’t borrow any other items until you do!
  • If you lose the laptop, we will charge you for the replacement costs.
  • You need to abide by the Library and IT regulations when using them.

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