KAR records on Research.Kent

How to ensure your KAR records show on research centre project and interest group pages in Research.kent

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Publication records on Research.Kent

Research.kent.ac.uk is a network of over 275 free to use, self-service websites providing staff with the means to showcase individual research projects from across the university, with long term support and training provided by the Web and Learning Development team.  You can find out more about the service on our ‘Research websites at Kent’ guides page, including links to sites across the network showcasing what can be done, as well as information on how to request a site.

You can display KAR publications on a research.kent site using the recently updated ‘KAR panel’. There are options to show either individual staff/team member profiles using the staff email addresses in KAR, or you can have an aggregated page with records selected using other attributes.  You can choose to select records from KAR based upon:

  • Author email address,
  • ORCID iD,
  • Divisions,
  • Kent Web Tag,
  • Signature Themes (not available yet, coming soon).

More information about the recent update to the KAR panel can be found on the Help and Support site on research.kent as well as documentation on how to use it.

Make sure the correct records on KAR will show in your Research.Kent pages

So that the right records show on the research.kent pages, they need to have up-to-date and accurate metadata so that the KAR Panel can identify them.

Staff profiles

In order to show on staff profile pages either in Research.kent or in www.kent.ac.uk University of Kent staff listed as creators of the work must have their full staff email listed in the KAR record in the Creator’s email field under Person details on the Bibliographic details tab. Also, check that the Kent Staff Profile box, on the Further Details tab is ticked.


Where a web page needs to present the work carried out in a particular Division, the KAR panelas will use the Divisions field on the Further Details tab. Only formal organisational divisions, schools and departments are listed in this field.  This includes larger research centres where they have a cost centre and employ staff. Select Divisions according to the Creators’ employment at the University of Kent as listed on Delve. Do not add divisions that have contributed in other ways or which are related by subject to the work.

Kent Web Tags

If your research centre or other group is not represented in the Divisions drop-down in KAR, it can have a Kent Web Tag created for it and this tag can be applied to all relevant records. Existing web tags can be seen by selecting Advanced Search in KAR and scrolling to the bottom of the form. In the field Tags, all the available tags are listed there.  To see the records associated with a Tag, select one and press enter.

If your research centre, group or project is not there you can request a tag to be created for you, please complete this short online form. You will need to supply the following information:

  • the name of your centre, group or project
  • the URL of the research.kent website where the records will show (we will only create tags if the research.kent page already exists).

We will create the tag using the title as it shows on the research.kent page and the strap line from the description there.

To apply a Tag to a record in Edit, or if you are creating a record, go to the Further Details tab.  In the Kent Web Tag field start typing the name of your research centre, group or project, as it appears on the research.kent site and click on it as it appears.

If you want to add the tag to a large number of records, get in touch with ResearchSupport@Kent.ac.uk. and we will see if we can help. If there are common denominators for the records we will be able to add the tag for you. The denominators should be anything we can search on using the advanced search function in KAR, for instance:

  • records associated with one or more staff members
  • records associated with one or more school or department
  • records associated with a particular subject

These can be further identified by specifying a particular type of work (articles, reports, book chapters, etc) and/or restricted by date or date range.  These searches will only work if the metadata in the records is complete and accurate.

Once we have created the tag for you, and the tags have been added to the records, and you have set up the KAR panel to pull the records through they may take up to 24 hours to appear on your research.kent web site.

If you have any questions about getting your publications records to show on a research.kent page, please look at the guidance web page and get in touch with ResearchSupport@kent.ac.uk and we will be happy to help.

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